SA 4.28 – US Maul FDC

Salvation Army world centennial, handpainted Lassie/flag by Herman Maul.

SA 4.28 – Lassie

Noted as a RARE FDC in the SA FDC catalogue! Add-on, but because it is registered in the SA FDC catalogue, it is likely from the time of issue. Made by a well-known cachet painter. Seen only a couple of times on Ebay. Estimated value $30+

2011 – Scarborough Citadel w/ Miniature sheet

2011 – Scarborough – Mini sheet – Ref cover

Christmas 2011 – Scarborough Citadel 130th Anniversary w/ miniature sheet, issued 08.11.2011 (First day of issues for the sheet).  Postmark: Crest – Scarborough Citadel Corps 130th Anniversary logo on Scarborough Citadel special sachet (Bradbury design). Note: Extremely rare, stated to be only 10 Miniature Sheets issued with this cachet design. Estimated value: £95 (Brian Reeve) – sold for £160 on an UK stamp auction. NB! Reference cover – not in my collection.