2020 – Liberia – SA 155th Anniversary

Many  African countries have issued stamps to the Salvation Army’s 155th anniversary. Though these are mainly made for collectors, they are official stamps, licenced by the national  PO authorities. This time it’s the Republique of Liberia, with both souvenir sheet with set of four SA motifs and a souvenir sheet picturing a SA Christmas kettle.

SA 59.1a - Salvation Army 155th Anniversary
SA 59.1b - Salvation Army 155th Anniversary

China – SA Missionairies in China

SA Missionnairies China

This postcard was postally used in 1936 (the stamp is removed and it’s difficult to see in which country).  The PC is part of an international series which shows aspects of Salvation Army work. It is numbered 505 and shows SA missionnairies on a Chinese river boat. “By this and other novel means of travel the message of deliverance is carried to multitudes who never before have heard the Saviour’s name”. The SA’s ministry opened in mainland China in 1916 and quickly expanded across the northern and eastern provinces until 1949, when it withdrew from the mainland due to hardship after the Chinese Civil War.  The SA established some new work in China in 2017

SA 56 – Djibouti – SA 155th Anniversary

Several African countries have issued stamps to the Salvation Army’s 155th Anniversary in 2020. This is the Djibouti issues, commemorating the Salvation Army’s War Services, e.g., the Red shield services. The issue include two war services stamps  (200 & 400FD, small and large), stamp sheet of the 200fd stamps and a minisheet with picture of William Booth.

SA 56.1 - War Services (small stamps)
SA 56.2 - War Services (large stamps)
SA 56.3 - War Services - stamp sheet 200fd
SA 56.4 - William Booth

SA 25.5 – Norway – Registered covers

Salvation Army centenary in Norway 1988, commemorated on Norsk FDC Service cachet. These are registered covers with local PM (Kristiansand). Very unusual. Seems to be issued in a limited edition. I have not seen these before, but due to the number on the cover, they seem to have been issued in at least 3000 ex.

SA 25.5 - Norsk FDC - Local PM!!!
SA 25.5 - Norsk FDC - Local PM!!!

1927 – Switzerland – Franchise stamps

From 1911 to 1943 the Swiss Post issued some franchise stamps to support charity organizations like the Salvation Army. The overprinted numbers 146 and 369 were used for the Salvation Army. The 146 overprint was used from 1911 – 1925 and the 369 overprint was used from 1926 to 1934. (Source: Heilsarmee-Briefmarken). The official SA cover also has an extra “Armee du Salut” slogan PM (St. Aubin Colonie Agricole). The agriculture facility  was called “Le Devens” and was administered by the Salvation Army from 1912. 

1921 - 146 overprint (Heilsarmee)
1927 - 369 overprint (SA overprint)

SA 16 – Canada – Unlisted FDC

SA 16 – Red Shield Campaign – Unlisted

Salvation Army Centenary in Canada. The centenary stamp was  issued 25.06.1982. This is a plain cover, addressed to the Salvation Army, Red Shield Campaign Office in Ottawa with a local PM: the Ottawa Postal Museum. It is unlisted in the SA FDC catalogue. Not seen before. Information on the SA Historical & Philatelic Association FB site (Rob Kerr): It was likely issued by the Public Relations and Development office for that region. This envelope would have been the standard door to door Red Shield Campaign envelope. I don’t recall them being provided with postage affixed. Likely someone took the envelope and affixed the postage and had it cancelled at the postage museum in Ottawa.