SA 16 – Unlisted Canada FDC

This cover is an official cachet from the Divisional HQ in Hamilton. It’s signed by two officers and the Postmaster and has the Maple Leaf postmark (PM 2). It is unlisted in the SA FDC catalogue. Probably very rare,  I’ve not seen this cover before.

SA 16 – Hamilton signed FDC

SA 19.9 – Isle of Man Aerogram

Although this aerogram do not have a Salvation Army stamp from the 15 February 1983 Isle of Man issue, it is still listed as an SA FDC in the Salvation Army FDC catalogue. Limited quantity, seldom seen on Ebay. It has the St. Sanctain postmark (PM2) and a prestamped QE 24p. The add-on picture is similar to SA 19.7

SA 19.9 – Aerogram w/ FD PM

1985 – Zaire – the Pope’s visit

1985 – Pope visit Kinhasa

Pope Paul John II’s visit to Africa Autumn 1985. He visited the Ivory Coast, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Zaire, Kenya and Morocco.  The shown cachet is very rare, not seen before, Pope / Il Papa meets Presidente Sese-Seko Mobutu on Kinshasa Airport. It has one of the Zaire Salvation Army stamps from the 1980 set added (SG 1008). The cachet was issued by the Italian cachet maker “Tre Stella”.

UK – Salvation Army slogan PM – update

I’ve obtained a few more of the Salvation Army meter mark covers. The international HQ  used this meter mark as an addon on quite a few Christmas FDCs. The local post office next to the HQ is London E.C. which is the PM used on the meter mark.

1992 - PO Christmas FDC w/ SA slogan PM
1994 - Christmas FDC w/ SA slogan PM
1994 - Christmas - SA PM & meter mark
1995 - Christmas FDC w/ SA slogan PM
1996 - Christmas FDC w/ SA slogan PM
1997 - Christmas FDC w/ SA slogan PM
1998 - Christmas FDC w/ SA automat PM
1999 - Christians' tale FDC - SA slogan PM
2001 - Christmas FDC w/ SA slogan PM

1965 – UK – Holmes Tolley FDCs

The Salvation Army Centenary stamps in the UK (and the world) was issued 09 August 1965. The cachet maker Holmes Tolley made a special designed cover with a Salvationists / banner – illustration to the issue.  Covers with 4 blocks are not often seen, at least with this rare cover design!

SA 5.6 - SA band - 4 block SG 665
SA 5.6 - SA band - 4 block - SG 666