1978 – Jamaica – Unlisted FDC

SA 11.2 – Int Congress – single

Centenary of the Salvation Army Name commemorated on Jamaica stamps 1978. Postmarked in Kingston. International congress 1978 with single stamp – Stanley Gibbons 457. Unlisted in the SA FDC catalogue, not seen before with first day cancel!! Someone who was at the summer congress must have taken it back to Jamaica.

Switzerland 1958 – Stamps’ day

1958 – Stamps day – Switzerland

This month’s prospect: Rare cover with this stamp set, used on the Swiss Stamps Day in 1958. Italian special postmark: “Giornata del Francobollo” (Stamps day). Cancelled 07.11.1958 (not FDC). Cachet picture: Tag der briefmarke – Giornata del Francobollo. Stamps: The Swiss anniversary set: SG 587 – 590. The Salvation Army bonnet is pictured on the SG 590 and commemorates the SA’s 75th anniversary in Switzerland.

Switzerland – Franchise stamps – update

From 1911 to 1943 the Swiss Post issued some franchise stamps to support charity organizations like the Salvation Army. The overprinted numbers 146 and 369 were used for the Salvation Army. The 146 overprint was used from 1911 – 1925 and the 369 overprint was used from 1926 to 1943. (Source: Heilsarmee-Briefmarken). Here are these overprints shown on a nice private and four official Salvation Army covers in good condition. Very nice & rare items!!

1921 - 146 overprint (Heilsarmee)
1925 - Franchise stamps 146 overprint
1926 - Franchise stamps 369 overprint
1927 - 369 overprint (SA overprint)
1937 - Franchise stamps 369 overprint

SA 3 – Swiss Parliament – unlisted FDC

SA 3 – Swiss Parliament – Bern

Unlisted FDC, likely very rare! Picture of the Federal Palace of Switzerland – (Swiss Parliament  / Bundeshaus) in Bern. Issued: 05.03.1958 with French PM (Berne). Anniversary stamp set 1958 (Werbemarken), including the Salvation Army (bonnet) stamp (SG 590). This particular FDC was a private initiative of a Swiss stampdealer in Lugano. The shop was closed in the sixties, and the stock left untouched until recently, when his grandson discovered these covers.  He guessed that only 5 – 10 covers like this are still around.