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Switzerland 1987 FDC with Automat stamp

SA 23A – Multistamped with automat

Two new covers were found with the “Helping Hand” overprint stamp from Switzerland 1987. The “Helping Hand” motif was used on FDC cachets in SA’s anniversary issue of 1982.  The news with these covers was added automat stamps, and one FDC also had the original postman stamp without the overprint & multistamped with another. I’ve not seen these covers with automat stamps added before.

SA 23A – PO FDC with automat


Scarce Salvation Army US FDCs

Some Salvation Army United States FDCs were issued in very limited edition, for example handpainted cachets. R. Dyer’s handpainted FDC (SA 4.65) picturing a female salvationist is seldom seen on auctions and is a much sought after cover design. Similarly, the D.E. Crist cahcet (SA 4.48 – also named as W.K. Smith in the SA catalogue) seems to be a rare cachet. It was seen sold on Ebay in 2016 for > $100.  DE Crist was an active cachet maker during the 1960s era. I’ve seen these covers just twice on Ebay the last couple of years. I also list a couple of other US cachet that are rarely seen; the Pennant cachet with the Salvationist couple / Red Shield (SA 4.34), and the Clarence Reid cachet, which was issued in a limited edition of only 25 copies according to the respected US FDC dealer James McCusker.

SA 4.65 - Female salvationist
SA 4.48 - SA Poster
SA 4.34 - Salvationists/shield
SA 4.38 - Commemorating the SA

1965 – Eyam cachet with SA stamps


1965 UK Eyam w/ set of SA stamps

Eyam cover with set of Salvation Army stamps, very unusual! Sold for > £100 on Ebay, January 2018. Covers with single 3d stamp is more common as seen below.

Eyam covers typically sell for high prices because they are rare. Eyam is a tiny village near Sheffield and even the handstamp is rarely seen on anything. Every August they commemorate the plague outbreak that lasted for 14 months and killed almost the whole village. In 1965 was the 300th Anniversary and the “celebration” was formally from 28 August to 4 September. The postmark was probably used before the actual celebration period to let people know in

1965 UK Eyam w/ single SA stamp

advance that it was happening. It is possible that it could have been in use on the First Day of the Salvation Army stamps (9 August), but it is very unlikely any First Day Covers were done as none have been discovered by now, over 50 years later. (Reference: personal communication with Brian Reeves, respected UK FDC dealer).


1965 – UK – Regional Issues

1965 – UK – Sanda Island w/ SA stamp

Some regional stamps were issued Autumn 1965 with the regional stamp on the backside and the Salvation Army stamp on frontside. Two such cachets are shown here, the Sanda & Davaar Island – Europa issue 1965. Nice & illustrative cachets, seldom seen.

1965 – UK – Davaar Island w/ SA stamp