Danish SA FDCs with local PMs

SA 7.3 – Centennial logo – Aarhus PM!!

The usual PM for the Salvation Army 1967 FDCs was København (Copenhagen), which is seen on all the Danish FDCs. The only exception was a FDC issued in the Old Town of Aarhus, which had a local Aarhus PM. The Aarhus PM has now been found on two other FDCs; SA 7.1 and 7.3.

SA – 7.2 – Danish SA Crest – Middelfart PM!!!

Another unusal PM has also been found; a local PM – Middelfart – on the SA 7.2.  Such local PMs are highly unusual on the common Danish SA FDCs (except on the Old Town cover), I’ve never seen them on common covers before.