1995 – William Booth on Icelandic FDCs

SA 32.3b – William Booth 4bl.

The Icelandic SA stamp commemorated the centennial for the SA on Iceland. At the time, it was not legal to use pictures of still living persons on Icelandic stamps, the only exception was the head of state. However, on the photo used it is very easy to recognize the two officers; Anne Marie and Harold Reinholdtsen, who were stationed on the island from 1977 to 1982 (Akureyri) and from 1984 to 1990 in the capital Reykjavik. The picture was taken at one of their open air meetings in Reykjavik in 1990. It must have been thought of as a good illustration of the SA’s work on

SA 32.3a – William Booth

Iceland, although it was not meant that the persons should be recognized (they were not asked about being portrayed on the stamp). Shown here are two rare cachets illustrated with an artwork picturing the founder William Booth. It was issued in two colours, red and blue.