UK FDCs with SA motifs in LIMITED ed.

An extensive amount of special covers with SA related motifs and/or PMs have been issued in the UK where the SA originated. Some of these were issued in very limited edition and are hard to get. An example is two Swan FDCs, the Swanland cachet (only 5 covers!!!) and the Old Swan corps registered cover with the Old Swan CDS PM and gutter pairs (25 covers!). For the Spitfire FDC w/ SA PM and the Penzance FDC, the editions were limited to 60 and 55 covers, respectively. The Penzance cover is estimated to £60 on due to the limited edition. The last three covers seen below were issued in 125 covers.

1993 - Swan(land) FDC w/ SA PM (5 ex.)
1993 - Old Swan PM!!! - (25 ex.)
1991 - Christmas FDC Spitfire (60 ex.)
1992 - Cornwall - Penzance (55 ex.)
1993 - Romans w/ SA PM (125 ex.)
1994 - Celtic SA cover (125 ex.)
1993 - Arts FDC - Med. Fellowship (125 ex.)