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SA 30 – two new Maxicard

SA 30 – Postzegelklub

The Christmas stamp Belgium 1989 picturing a SA brass band player and a singing band, commemorated the centenary of the Salvation Army in Belgium. Two new Maxicard with this stamp was just obtained. They were issued by the Postzegelklub ‘t Land van Rode. Unlisted, not seen before.

SA 30 – Postzegelklub II

UK – Salvation Army slogan postmarks

The meter mark of the Salvation army international HQ seems to have been used as an addon on quite a few Christmas FDCs. The local post office next to the HQ is London E.C. which is the PM used on the meter mark. During the 80ties, the SA issued some special “Carols at Christmas” covers, but in the 90ties, the practice discontinued and the use of slogan PMs seems to have substituted it. A few such Christmas FDCs are shown here.

1992 - PO Christmas FDC w/ SA slogan PM
1996 - Christmas FDC w/ SA slogan PM
1997 - Christmas FDC w/ SA slogan PM
1999 - Christians' tale FDC - SA slogan PM