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SA 30 – Belgium dieproof

SA 30 – Minister Proof Sheetlet

This month’s prospect is the Belgium dieproof of the Salvation Army centenary stamp issued in November 1989. The sheetlet is the officiel minister dieproof in black with the dry cancel of the Belgian post (not visible on the picture). Such sheetlets were given to the ministers and only printed in a limited edition of 75. Very rare . Catalogue value 37 € (OBP 2019)

UK – 2001 Christmas Meter Mark

1987 – Carols at Christmas

During the 80’ties, the SA issued some special “Carols at Christmas” covers. I’ve seen carols at Christmas covers up to 1993, see 1987 cover on the right. In the 90’ties , the practice discontinued and the use of the Salvation Army meter mark seems to have substituted it. The below Christmas FDC was issued in 2001, the latest date with Christmas Meter mark I’ve seen up to now.

2001 – Christmas FDC w/ SA slogan PM