SA 53.2b – Salvation Army FDC Greenland 2019

SA 53.2b – Official PO – 4 block

SA charity work Greenland

Date of issue: 21. January 2019

Cachet: Official PO – Picture of ’Willam’s Café’

Stamp: 4 block DKK 15.00 + additional value to support the Salvation Army (DKK 1.00)

Size: 218x 155 mm (Large envelope)

Note: Greenland’s 900 homeless live under harsh conditions. The Salvation Army’s ‘warm space’ in Nuuk is, therefore, a popular gathering place for Greenland’s vulnerable. ’Willam’s Café’ is the framework for the Salvation Army’s ‘warm space’. Free breakfast and inexpensive lunches are available and there is often a long queue.