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2012 – Netherlands Poster card

2012 – Poster card

125th Anniversary of the SA in the Netherlands was celebrated in 2012. Here is a very pictorial poster card with the anniversary stamps. It is not an FDC, it was cancelled 19 March 2012 – the First day of issue was 27 February 2012. The card has the text: “A man may be down – but he’s never out!” – The poster seems to have been used in a home service fund campaign in 1919.

SA 16 – RARE Canadian FDC

SA 16.5 – Kamloops – Ref cover

This Kamloops FDC was issued at the Salvation Army Centenary in 1982. It is postmarked in Kamloops with the Maple Leaf cancel (PM 2). NB! Extremely RARE!!! This is a reference cover – not in my collection!! In the SA FDC catalogue it has the number SA 16.5

2020 – New SA stamps from Guinea

Guinea issued some Salvation Army stamps in April 2020. The Salvation Army does not have corps in Guinea. The stamps are produced by an agent who releases commemorative stamps on behalf of the Republic as a mean of gaining revenue from collectors. As they have official permission, it is a genuine issue. However, these stamps will not appear in any post office in the Guinea itself. NB! The souvenir sheet with an SA band has allegedly a picture of the founder. The picture is wrong – it’s probably Bramwell Booth, the founder’s son.

SA 54.1 - Guinea 4 stamp block
SA 54.2 - Guinea Souvenir sheet
SA 54.1 - Signed Proof
SA 54.2 - Signed Proof