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US – Catskill Mountain House

1966 – Catskill Mountain House

The Catskill Mountain House, which opened in 1824, was a famous hotel near Palenville, New York, and in the Catskill Mountains overlooking the Hudson River Valley. In its prime, from the 1850s to the turn of the century, it was visited by three U.S. presidents (U.S. Grant, Chester A. Arthur, and Theodore Roosevelt) and the power elite of the day. In the 1960s it must have been used as a Summer School Facility. The cachet showcase the facility and has the Salvation Army stamp from 1965 on it (not FDC).

1958 – US celebrates Swiss SA stamp

1958 – Us philatelist celebrates the Swiss SA stamp

“Switzerland honors the Salvation Army”. A US Philatelist celebrated the Swiss Salvation Army stamp of 1958 – A memento of the Salvation Army Annual Association. Compliments from Cincinnati Philatelist R. Hoffman. Evidently, US Philatelists (and salvationists?) were aware of the Swiss SA issue in 1958, which explains the country combo with the Swiss and the US SA stamp of 1965.

2000 – Australia Faces FDCs

Four faces of Australia FDCs with a Salvation Army soldier pictured on SG 1946. These covers are very rare because they have unofficial/local and pictorial postmarks. One of them has even different PMs from 3 locations!!!

SA 35.1b - Official PO - RARE PMs
SA 35.1b - Pictorial PM - Sydney
SA 35.1b - Pictorial PM - Mallacotta
SA 35.1b - Pictorial PM - Jannali