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1965 – US – Ben Kraft FDC

SA 4 – Handpainted Ben Kraft

A “new” Ben Kraft handpainted cachet turned up on Ebay, picturing an eagle.  Text: 1865 – 1965 – 100th anniversary”, the century anniversary for the International Salvation Army. Unlisted in the SA FDC catalogue, has not been seen before. This is likely an “add-on” cachet, handpainted after the original issue.  Such cachets are usually done in small quantities and thus are really quite scarce!  Ben Kraft was a well-known add-on painter and auction prices can be quite high! (Source: US FDC seller dwa7)

2001 – Peru – SA cover

2001 – Scout / Salvation Army cover

2001 – Scout / Salvation Army Aerogram cover sent to the US. Stamps: Salvation Army & Scout stamps. Date: 16 April 2001 (?). Very rare to see this stamp on ordinary letters. The cover is a postal stationary w/ preprinted stamp, issued to the National Scout Jamboree in Trujillo.