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SA 5.5 – UK FDC with RARE PM

SA 5.5a – London E1 – ref cover

SA Centenary in the UK (and the world), 09.08.1965. William Booth / open air cahcet. This cover is postmarked with Relevant London E1 PM. According to FDC dealer Brian Reeves, the cat value is at £375. The Salvation Army was formed at Whitechapel London E1. This CDS is the rarest FDC for this issue by a long way. NB! Reference cover – not in my collection!!

1978 – Sweden – Info sheet

Evangelical free churces info sheet. The SA stamps depict the Stockholm VII Band. Issued 11 April 1978 and postmarked PX Stockholm. The sheet provide info about the issued of the set of stamps. Note: No stamp attached – just picture

SA 9 - Info sheet
SA 9 - Info sheet - bs

SA 15 – Australia souvenir FDCs

Three post office sourvenir covers with community welfare Australia 1980 stamp set including the Salvation Army stamp. First day cancel. Kangaroo, Koala and Kookaburra. Local postmark: Burwood, likely a local connoisseur. Unlisted cachet in the SA FDC catalogue.  Although the souvenir covers are common, these covers with FD cancel are likely very rare, as I’ve only seen one of these before with the SA stamp.

SA 15 - Koala souvenir cover
SA 15 - Kangaroo - souvenir
SA 15 - Kookaburra - souvenir

1981 – South Africa – Cottrill

1981 – Commissioner Cottrill

Info sheet about Commissioner Mr. & Mrs Cottrill’s visit to Southern Africa in 1981. Stamp: RSA flower 5c. The sheet is SIGNED by the commissioners, the territorial commanders and the local chief secretary. Commisioner WS Cottrill was the Chief of the Staff of the world-wide SA at the time. He was born in South Africa where his parents were SA missionaries. He completed his formal education in New Zealand before WWII and left NZ for the Army’s International Training College (London) in 1937. In 1940 he married Captain Kathleen Ward. See more info about the commisioners on the backside

SA 4 – US Maul handpainted FDC

SA 4.66 – Jesus – reference cover

Salvation Army world centennial in 1965. Handpainted cachet picturing Jesus. Made by the renown cachet artist Herman Maul. He signed his cachet with “handdrawn” and year of issue (on the backside).  I’ve seen this cachet only once on Ebay. Likely a very rare cover. Sold for $73 on July 2022. NB! Reference cover – not in my collection.

SA 26.1c – Antigua Coat of Arms FDC

SA 26.1c – Coat of Arms

Salvation community Welfare – Antigua, issued 10.03.1988. Coat of arms cachet with SA minisheet picturing General Burrows. This coat of arms cover is actually unlisted in the SA FDC catalogue, I’ve not seen it before on Ebay, althoug this is the official PO cachet (Coat of Arms)