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1978 – Sweden – New FDCs

Two new Swedish  FDCs was just obtained from a Swedish online auction. Never seen before. The stamps depict evangelical free churces including the Salvation Army. The SA stamp depicts the Stockholm VII Band. These cachets were made by the Swedish Mission Church (Svenska Missionsforbundet). One is their official Cachet, the other is with an imprint of their logo. Unlisted in the SA FDC catalogue . I’ve set the number to SA 9.6 & 9.7. Must be RARE! I’ve also added a plain & registered FDC. It’s very seldom to see private FDC of this issue.

SA 9.6 – Swedish Mission Church
SA 9.7 – Imprint Swedish Mission Church
SA 9.8 – Plain & registered

1977 – Antigua – SA motif

Salvation Army motif  on Antigua stamps & FDC 1977. The Prime minister was previously Salvation Army officer. The stamps & cachet commemorates the 10th Anniversary of statehood – Large cover. The SA stamp is Stanley Gibbons 565 (Prime Minister & former SA officer)

SA 8a – SA motif – Prime minister/SA Officer

1965 – US FDC addons

Several addons exist on US FDCs – SA 4, including a bunch of rather blunt and quite new digitally printed covers with different SA related pictures (“only one made”). The below covers are not been listed in the SA FDC catalogue or local US FDC catalogues (e.g., Mellone), and are likely addons. These addons seem to have been made before the age of the digital printer (if that’s possible)? Some  are real SA logos. Use the contact form if anyone has information about these covers Contact form

SA 4 - Addon - Willilam Booth aquarell
SA 4 - Airmail - SA crown addon
SA 4 - Addon Hope
SA 4 - Addon - Adult Rehabilitation
SA 4 - SA shield
SA 4 - Addon - Emergency Disaster Service
SA 4 - Addon - Cross - Blood & Fire
SA 4 - Addon SA Soldier
SA 4 - Crown
SA 4 - Blood and Fire addon
SA 4 – SA name addon
SA 4 - Marching Soldiers addon
SA 4 - SA Shield - addon?