SA 2.1 – Netherlands Indies FDC

SA 2.1 – Private Plain FDC

Salvation Army Child welfare stamps. Netherlands Indies (now: Indonesia) was the first country to release charity stamps supporting the Salvation Army in 1932 and this set of 1936. These stamps were sold to the public for an amount which was divided into two portions, one representing postal value which carries the right to service, and the other devoted to the SA. As a result, the SA received a substantial sum for its territorial social endeavours (source: Ken Daws. The world of Salvation Army stamps. Egon Publishers Ltd, 1996). This cover is numbered as SA 2.1 in the SA FDC catalogue and is very seldom seen on online auctions. Actually, I’ve not seen such an item before, a private plain FDC. These were usually registered covers sent abroad. Postmarked in Semarang 01.12.1936.