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1906 – Nice Swedish postcard

Lassie selling the War Cry

This month’s prospect is a Sweden postcard from 1936 picturing a female Salvation Army soldier (“lassie”) selling the War Cry. The original portrait was painted by Jenny Nystrøm in 1906. She was a Swedish artist & illustrator. Her notable contributions include a collection of ornamental and enchanting Christmas cards as well as elf illustrations, which have greatly influenced the creation of barn elfs and traditional Christmas scenes in Sweden.

SA 32.2b – Iceland – Signed!

SA 32.2b – DHQ – signed

Salvation Army centenary on Iceland 1995. Cachet: SA Crest / Iceland map (red/grey). Text: Address of the District Headquarter (Iceland has joint region with Norway. The commander has office in Oslo). Remark: This cover is signed by the officiers on the stamp: Anne Marie and Harold Reinholdtsen. Thanks a lot to collector colleague Tor Ove E.

SA 53 – Greenland presentation folder

The Salvation Army’s charity work on Greeland was commemorated on a stamp issued 21. January 2019. For the occasion, a presentation folder was issued, including the souvenir sheet of the stamp. The folder tells about SA work on Greenland and the designer of the stamp.

SA 53 - Presentation folder
SA 53 - Presentation folder p.2
SA 53 - Presentation folder p. 3

Salvation Army 155th Anniversary – Proofs

Six countries issued anniversary stamps commemorating the Salvation Army’s 155th anniversary. Related to these issues, signed proofs were made. I got hold of no. 001 in all of these series. Two of the issues are shown here: Central African Republic and Republicque Togolaise

SA 57.1 - Proof no. 001
SA 57.2 - Proof no. 001
SA 58.1 - Proof
SA 58.2 - Proof