Salvation Army Cindarellas

I’ve now set up a SA Cindarella overview, see the menu.  The first poster stamp on this site portraits Brigadier Mary Murray of the Salvation Army.

1916 – Brigadier Murray

As General Booth said:  “I insist on the equality of women with men. Every officer and soldier should insist upon the truth that woman is as important, as valuable, as capable and as necessary to the progress and happiness of the world as man.” He proved that he meant what he said when he placed Brigadier Mary Murray in charge of the SA’s “naval and military league” at the time of the great war. She, together with two other officers, went to Belgium and France in 1914 to see what help could be given to the men of the British expeditionary force. The result of this was a service which eventually provided forty camp centres near the war zones, and later a war graves visitation service for bereaved relatives, initially under the direction of another woman officer, adjutant Mary Booth. (Source: Remark from seller: This poster stamp was issued around 1916, nice, very scarce item.