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UK – Salvation Army slogan PM – update

I’ve obtained a few more of the Salvation Army meter mark covers. The international HQ  used this meter mark as an addon on quite a few Christmas FDCs. The local post office next to the HQ is London E.C. which is the PM used on the meter mark.

1992 - PO Christmas FDC w/ SA slogan PM
1994 - Christmas FDC w/ SA slogan PM
1994 - Christmas - SA PM & meter mark
1995 - Christmas FDC w/ SA slogan PM
1996 - Christmas FDC w/ SA slogan PM
1997 - Christmas FDC w/ SA slogan PM
1998 - Christmas FDC w/ SA automat PM
1999 - Christians' tale FDC - SA slogan PM
2001 - Christmas FDC w/ SA slogan PM

1965 – UK – Holmes Tolley FDCs

The Salvation Army Centenary stamps in the UK (and the world) was issued 09 August 1965. The cachet maker Holmes Tolley made a special designed cover with a Salvationists / banner – illustration to the issue.  Covers with 4 blocks are not often seen, at least with this rare cover design!

SA 5.6 - SA band - 4 block SG 665
SA 5.6 - SA band - 4 block - SG 666

1965 – UK – Field Post Bruggen

SA 5 – RAF Bruggen – limited ed. (50)

The Plilatelic Club Royal Air Force, Bruggen have issued FDCs in quite limited editions, some as small as 17 – 25 pieces per issue. Their Salvation Army FDC from 1965 was issued in a limited number of 50!! It has the characteristic Field Post Office Bruggen PM.  No. 5 in the serie was sold in May 2020 for £141, i.e. a very attractive issue. The pictured cover is number 1!!! Estimated value £150++

SA 5 – RAF Bruggen – limited ed. (50)

SA 29 – Denmark – Unlisted FDC

SA 29 – Holstebro – unlisted FDC

A new unlisted Danish Salvation Army FDC was observed on an online auction. The stamp commemorated the centenary of the Salvation Army in Denmark (which was actually in 1987; the stamp was issued two years after the anniversary). I’ve not seen this cachet  before. It pictures the old Post Office (Det gamle postkontor) in Holstebro. Likely a rare item.

1980 – Unlisted Australian FDC

SA 15 – Brisbane Exhibition – Unlisted FDC

This cover was issued at the Brisbane Exhibition in August 1980. The Salvation Army Community welfare stamp was added and cancelled on the first day of issue for the stamp. The cover is an ordinary Post Office Kangoroo souvenir cachet, and is unlisted in the SA FDC catalogue. The exhibition postmark is very pictorial!! Presented as this months prospect. Likely very rare!!

SA 5 – US cachet used in UK

SA 5 – UK FD on US cachet – Ref. cover

This  country combo was just observed on Ebay. It is a US William Booth cachet (Fleetwood) cachet with UK stamps postmarked on first day of issue for the stamp set (09.08.1965) – cancelled in Preston. Likely a connoisseur cachet – only a few similar have been observed on various web sites, i. e., with UK stamps on US covers. Sold on Ebay April 2020 for £43 (reference cover – not in my collection).

SA 25 – Norway – “Stamp news”

SA 25 – “Stamp news” w/ FD PM

“Stamp news” (Frimerkenytt) was issued by the postal authorities. This issue is no 7 – 1987, and tell about the forthcoming issue of the stamps commemorating the Salvation Army centenary in Norway. The stamps and first day cancel have likely been added on a private initiative. This FD sheet is unlisted in the SA FDC catalogue and is likely unique, as also indicated by the local and unofficial PM (Skudesneshavn). Local PMs are generally much less common than the official PO postmark. Two nature stamps have also been added; they had first day of issue on the same date (18 Febr 1988).