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SA 48.1 – Guernsey FDC w/ single stamp

SA 48.1 – Single – (Kinnon Covers)

One of the Guernsey stamps in the “Stories from the Great War” set pictured the Salvation Army volunteer Ada Le Poidevin. The cover above with single stamp is an unofficial cover issued by Rob Kinnon-Brettle (Kinnon Covers). He persuaded the post office to cancel with the official First Day of Issue postmark. Limited edition – only 50 covers were issued!!! Below is the official FDC with full set  shown.

SA 48.1 – Official PO


1987 – Jamaica FDC souvenir sheet

SA 24.1b – SA FDC w/ souvenir sheet

Salvation Army FDC from Jamaica 1987 with Souvenir Sheet. Issued 08.10.1987 and postmarked Kingston. The cover pictures General Eva Burrows. The cover is quite common with set of the four stamps, but rarely seen with souvenir sheet. The sheet is noted as  Minisheet 702 in the Stanley Gibbons catalogue.

SA 4.19d – World’s fair exhibiton

SA 4.19d – World’s Fair – PM4

This is an official and quite ordinary US FDC, but the postmark is unofficial and very rare. A specialist retailer  noted: “There is no catalog which lists catalog values or prices for Unofficial First Day of Issue cancels. Unofficial cancels are generally fairly scarce on ANY stamp issue, as one had to be in attendance in the one city of issuance, and then go to some other location to secure the cancels ON THAT SAME DAY. So distance and time were needed. We are specialists in this area, and have a feel for approx value, and how often we have seen the cancels on items over the years. I must say i do not recall ever owning these NY World’s fair cancels on the Salvation Army issue, and so these also have two areas of collectors who might have interest in them.” (

1983 – Isle of Man – Gutter pairs FDCs

The centenary of the Salvation Army Movement in the Isle of Man was commemorated on four stamps in 1983. General William Booth is featured on the 12p stamp. The founder visited the island in May 1897. Four official postmarks were used, Douglas, St. Sanctain, Ramsey and Castletown. The shown FDCs here have gutter pairs and Ramsey PM on the official post office issue. FDCs with gutter pairs are quite rare.

SA 19.1e - Official PO w/ gutter pairs
SA 19.1f - Official PO w/ gutter pairs

1965 – US – Ben Kraft FDC

SA 4 – Handpainted Ben Kraft

This Ben Kraft FDC was just discovered on Ebay. Ben Kraft was a cachetmaker who made handpainted US FDCs in the 1950s & 1960s and he often had a humorous touch to his paintings. Some of them are still possible to obtain for affordable prices, others are quite rare and expensive. I was certain that he must have made a design for the Salvation Army issue in 1965, and it was very satisfactory to finally find it. The picture is Mickey Mouse as Santa Claus with a Salvation Army Christmas kettle, an illustration that actually has been seen also on a later Grenada 1983 FDC. The cover is unlisted in the SA FDC catalogue and is likely very rare!!

1932 – Netherlands Indies FDC

SA 1.1 – SA Community welfare FDC

The first country to release stamps to commemorate the Salvation Army’s work was the Netherlands Indies (or Dutch East Indies), renamed Indonesia in 1948. The work started in 1894. Like in many other countries there was fierce opposition to the work. Seven years later a disastrous flood led to the government handling over the management of a Beggars’ Colony to the SA, where the natives were taught to earn a living. A set of four charity stamps was issued in 1932 to commemorate the event. There was an add-on on the postal value to support the SA in their work. Only plain FDCs are known from this issue. (Source: Ken Daws. The world of SA stamps, 1996).