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SA 35.1 – Faces of Australia

SA 35.1b – Pictorial PM – Canberra

Faces of Australia FDC, issued 01.01.2000, with bottom strip of the full sheet with five stamps, including the Salvation Army stamp (Stanley Gibbons 1946). Pictorial Postmark – Canberra Parliament House.  Very rare with local, pictorial postmark!!

SA 31.5 – Argentina PO bulletin

SA 31.5 – Presentation folder
SA 31.5 – PO bulletin

Salvation Army centenary in Argentina, issued 01.12.1990 and postmarked Buenos Aires. Post Office Bulletin folder. Stamps: Set of two – Stanley Gibbons 2227 – 2228. Limited edition – 5000 issued. Size: 305 – 150 mm (folded: 102 x 150 mm). See frontside at the left.

SA 31.6 – SA FDC Argentina 1990

SA 31.6. – FD sheet

This rare first day sheet from Argentina is this month’s prospect. The Salvation Army stamp commemorated the Salvation Army centenary in Argentina, issued 01.12.1990. Very nice and rare presentation sheet. I was able to get an Argentinian friend to buy this for me at an Argentinian auction ( I’ve never seen this sheet on Ebay, although I suspect it must have been listed there, as this FD sheet is listed as no. 31.6 in the SA FDC catalogue.


SA 5.6c – SA band – SIGNED

SA Centenary in the UK (and the world) – Issued 09.08.1965. Cachet: Holmes Tolley illustration w/ Salvationists & banner. This cover has both phosphor & ordinary version of the stamp set – Stanley Gibbons 665 – 666. NOTE: Signed by the Stamp Designer of the 3d stamp Michael Farrar-Bell. Nicely coloured version of this cover. Addressed to Jeffrey H Booth, and stems from his collection of UK rarities, see another example here. Cat value £80 ++. Estimated £150 due to uniqueness.