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SA 6.2 – Jamaica – RARE FDC

SA 6.2 – Soldiers & Flag (UK cover)

Salvation Army World Centenary commemorated on Jamaica stamps. This cover seems to be a country combo, with Jamaica stamps on a UK cachet (Soldiers & Flag – UK cover, SA 5.2). Postmarked in Kingston with set of two SA stamps (SG 242 – 243). Issued in very limited quantity – likely a private initiative from a salvationist sending to friends in the UK. The Jamaica stamps were issued only two weeks after the UK centenary issue, and there must have been very little time to organize this issue.

1980 – Zaire – RARE FDCs

Salvation Army official Post Office FDCs on Zaire’s traditional Coat of Arms cachet. The stamps commemorated the Salvation Army Centenary in the USA, as well as picturing some local SA work. Strangely, these official PO covers are not often seen on Ebay.

SA 14.1a - Coat of arms
SA 14.1b - Coat of arms
SA 14.1c - Coat of arms - minisheet

1965 – UK – Philcovers FDC!!!

SA 5 – Handpainted Blood and Fire

Finally I got hold of this very rare and quite expensive UK FDC. UK commemorated the UK and world Centenary of the Salvation Army in 1965. Issued 09 Aug. This is a Philcover handpainted Blood and Fire cachet.  Remark: Standard cat. value with London EC postmark is £ 35. A similar Philcover FDC was sold on Ebay July 2017 at £97. Rare cachets like this will typically sell massively above catalogue prices.

SA 25 – Norway – Mostue FD card

Salvation Army centenary in Norway 18 February 1988. This Mostue FD card is unregistered in the SA FDC catalogue. Issued in a limited quantity – 200pcs. Emil Mostue was the printing house for this stamp set. The set was printed on phosphorized paper in sheet of 50 and a total of 20 mill stamps were issued.  The FD card is very seldom seen,  not observed on Ebay before. Sold on Norwegian auctions for very high prices (>£80).

SA 25 – Mostue – Unlisted FDC

1965 – Rare UK FDC

Sa 5.13 – Handpainted – RARE!!

The month’s prospect is this rare SA Centenary FDC issued 09.08.1965. Postmarked Durham. Handpainted flagbearer (by – Chalmers/Riches?). Only seen once on Ebay, and to my luck, it was a “buy it now” auction with a bargain price. Cat. value £25 – £35. Rare UK FDCs will often be sold massively above catalogue prices. Estimated value: £80 – 100

SA 4.59 – US – SA flag

SA 4.59 – Maxicard SA Flag

This Salvation Army Maxicard picturing the SA flag just arrived.  An old (US?) version of the Salvation Army Crest is also pictures in white inside the red color of the flag. Single (Stanley Gibbons 1249) SA stamp with PM2 – New York. Rare maxicard – I’ve only seen it once on Ebay. It is marked with “PF 8, Atlanta”.