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1965 – UK – GPO bulletin no3

The process of chosing a stamp design in the UK is described like this: “Many designs are submitted and the special Advisory Committee has the diffucult task of making the final choice, and recommending accordingly to the Posmaster General.” This GPO bulletin from 1965 (volume 3 (3), pp. 9 – 10, describes various designs of the Salvation Army stamps that were NOT chosen. Interestingly, MC Farrall-Bell, whose design was accepted for the 3d stamp, also had other designs, as shown.

1965 - GPO bulletin vol 3 (3)
1965 - GPO bulletin vol 3 (3)



SA 5.6c – SA band – SIGNED

SA Centenary in the UK (and the world) – Issued 09.08.1965. Cachet: Holmes Tolley illustration w/ Salvationists & banner. This cover has both phosphor & ordinary version of the stamp set – Stanley Gibbons 665 – 666. NOTE: Signed by the Stamp Designer of the 3d stamp Michael Farrar-Bell. Nicely coloured version of this cover. Addressed to Jeffrey H Booth, and stems from his collection of UK rarities, see another example here. Cat value £80 ++. Estimated £150 due to uniqueness.

SA 5.5 – UK FDC with RARE PM

SA 5.5a – London E1 – ref cover

SA Centenary in the UK (and the world), 09.08.1965. William Booth / open air cahcet. This cover is postmarked with Relevant London E1 PM. According to FDC dealer Brian Reeves, the cat value is at £375. The Salvation Army was formed at Whitechapel London E1. This CDS is the rarest FDC for this issue by a long way. NB! Reference cover – not in my collection!!

1978 – Sweden – Info sheet

Evangelical free churces info sheet. The SA stamps depict the Stockholm VII Band. Issued 11 April 1978 and postmarked PX Stockholm. The sheet provide info about the issued of the set of stamps. Note: No stamp attached – just picture

SA 9 - Info sheet
SA 9 - Info sheet - bs