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SA 25.5 – Norway – Registered covers

Salvation Army centenary in Norway 1988, commemorated on Norsk FDC Service cachet. These are registered covers with local PM (Kristiansand). Very unusual. Seems to be issued in a limited edition. I have not seen these before, but due to the number on the cover, they seem to have been issued in at least 3000 ex.

SA 25.5 - Norsk FDC - Local PM!!!
SA 25.5 - Norsk FDC - Local PM!!!

SA 16 – Canada – Unlisted FDC

SA 16 – Red Shield Campaign – Unlisted

Salvation Army Centenary in Canada. The centenary stamp was  issued 25.06.1982. This is a plain cover, addressed to the Salvation Army, Red Shield Campaign Office in Ottawa with a local PM: the Ottawa Postal Museum. It is unlisted in the SA FDC catalogue. Not seen before. Information on the SA Historical & Philatelic Association FB site (Rob Kerr): It was likely issued by the Public Relations and Development office for that region. This envelope would have been the standard door to door Red Shield Campaign envelope. I don’t recall them being provided with postage affixed. Likely someone took the envelope and affixed the postage and had it cancelled at the postage museum in Ottawa.

1937 – Cover signed by the General

1937 – Volkenbond conference – Signed!

This Salvation Army cover from the Netherlands Indies is addressed to Major WB Pearce in Bandoeng. It has been signed by  William Booth’s daughter, Evangeline Booth, who was  the General of the Salvation Army from 1934 to 1939, when the cover was dated. It was used during the “far-Eastern Conference of the League of Nations” in Bandoeng in 1937 and carries the SA Child Welfare stamp set. Although the general traveled a lot, it is unlikely that she was in Bandoeng at that time and the cover is most likely signed later.

1995 – Unlisted Guyana FDCs

These two unlisted Guyana FDCs were just observed on Ebay. The stamps have Salvation Army overprint. The original issue of the stamps was in July 1985. The overprinted stamps were issued in April 1995 and commemorated the national SA Centenary. This cachet has the Guyana RED Coat of arms – a standard Post office cover that has been seen also on other FDCs from the country. It is unlisted in the SA catalogue, and as it has not been seen before (to my knowledge), it is likely very rare.

SA 33.1b - Guyana Red Coat of Arms
SA 33.1c - Guyana Red Coat of Arms

1982 – Canada – Brockville FDC

SA 16 – Brockville – Reference cover!

This unlisted Canadian FDC was just observed on Ebay. It was issued by the Brockville Stamp club and must be extremely RARE, I have not seen it before!!! It was sold August 2020 in a lot for CA$ 220. NB! This is a reference cover – not in my collection (the picture is edited from another Brockville FDC as only the upper half of the Salvation Army cover was visible in the original listing).

2020 – Sierra Leone – SA 155th Anniversary

A new set of stamps was issued by Sierra Leone in June 2020. The stamps commemorate the 155th Anniversary of the Salvation Army. The Salvation Army “opened fire” in Sierra Leone i 2010. The stamps are produced by an agent who releases commemorative stamps on behalf of the government as a mean of gaining revenue from collectors. As they have official permission, it is a genuine issue. However, these stamps will likely not appear in any post office in the Sierra Leone itself.

SA55.1a - SA 155th Anniversary
SA55.1b - SA 155th Anniversary
SA55.1a - Signed Proof
SA55.1b - Signed proof

US – Catskill Mountain House

1966 – Catskill Mountain House

The Catskill Mountain House, which opened in 1824, was a famous hotel near Palenville, New York, and in the Catskill Mountains overlooking the Hudson River Valley. In its prime, from the 1850s to the turn of the century, it was visited by three U.S. presidents (U.S. Grant, Chester A. Arthur, and Theodore Roosevelt) and the power elite of the day. In the 1960s it must have been used as a Summer School Facility. The cachet showcase the facility and has the Salvation Army stamp from 1965 on it (not FDC).