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1981 – South Africa – Cottrill

1981 – Commissioner Cottrill

Info sheet about Commissioner Mr. & Mrs Cottrill’s visit to Southern Africa in 1981. Stamp: RSA flower 5c. The sheet is SIGNED by the commissioners, the territorial commanders and the local chief secretary. Commisioner WS Cottrill was the Chief of the Staff of the world-wide SA at the time. He was born in South Africa where his parents were SA missionaries. He completed his formal education in New Zealand before WWII and left NZ for the Army’s International Training College (London) in 1937. In 1940 he married Captain Kathleen Ward. See more info about the commisioners on the backside

Switzerland – Franchise stamps – update

From 1911 to 1943 the Swiss Post issued some franchise stamps to support charity organizations like the Salvation Army. The overprinted numbers 146 and 369 were used for the Salvation Army. The 146 overprint was used from 1911 – 1925 and the 369 overprint was used from 1926 to 1943. (Source: Heilsarmee-Briefmarken). Here are these overprints shown on a nice private and four official Salvation Army covers in good condition. Very nice & rare items!!

1921 - 146 overprint (Heilsarmee)
1925 - Franchise stamps 146 overprint
1926 - Franchise stamps 369 overprint
1927 - 369 overprint (SA overprint)
1937 - Franchise stamps 369 overprint

1986 – UK – Goodwill centenary maxicard

1986 – Goodwill Centenary – Maxicard

Goodwill Centenary Maxicard issued in 1986 (First day of issue for the stamp). Special Centenary postmark. Issued by the Historic relics with  industry year stamp. Rare first day maxicard. Not seen before. If set, this set & postmark has a very high value in the BFDC catalogue ( £120). Estimated value: £10 +. Here is the official FDC by the Historic Relics.