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1906 – Nice Swedish postcard

Lassie selling the War Cry

This month’s prospect is a Sweden postcard from 1936 picturing a female Salvation Army soldier (“lassie”) selling the War Cry. The original portrait was painted by Jenny Nystrøm in 1906. She was a Swedish artist & illustrator. Her notable contributions include a collection of ornamental and enchanting Christmas cards as well as elf illustrations, which have greatly influenced the creation of barn elfs and traditional Christmas scenes in Sweden.

1908 – UK – Empress of Ireland postcard

1908 – Empress of Ireland Postcard

1908 – UK – Empress of Ireland Postcard, sent 2 Oct 1908 from Liverpool. RMS Empress of Ireland sank six years later (in 1914) near the mouth of the Saint Lawrence River following a collision in thick fog with the Norwegian collier Storstad. The worst peacetime marine disaster in Canadian history – 1012 of 1477 died. The passengers included 167 members of the Salvation Army. These travelers, all but eight of whom died, were members of the Canadian Staff Band of The Salvation Army who were traveling to London for an international conference.

China – SA Missionairies in China

SA Missionnairies China

This postcard was postally used in 1936 (the stamp is removed and it’s difficult to see in which country).  The PC is part of an international series which shows aspects of Salvation Army work. It is numbered 505 and shows SA missionnairies on a Chinese river boat. “By this and other novel means of travel the message of deliverance is carried to multitudes who never before have heard the Saviour’s name”. The SA’s ministry opened in mainland China in 1916 and quickly expanded across the northern and eastern provinces until 1949, when it withdrew from the mainland due to hardship after the Chinese Civil War.  The SA established some new work in China in 2017