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2001 – Australia – year of Volunteers

2001 – year of Volunteers 2001

“Year of Volunteers 2001” stamp sheet, issued by Australia Post, features ten 45c stamps, notable for their lower postage value compared to the sales price. The set was made available to charities at AU$12, with the intention of selling them to the public at AU$16, resulting in a AU$4 contribution per sheet to the designated charity . The sheet included an image of a Salvationist, though the specific identity of the individual is unknown. Limited edition (Source: SAPCJ 2002, 42: 668). There is no confirmed date of issue, and I’m not aware of any letters affixed with these stamps.

1980 – Australia – Postal history sheet

1983 – SA centanary w/ unrelated sheet

Centenary cachet with an unrelated souvenir sheet. Date: 29.09.1980,  which is first day of issue for the sheet. Postmark: Berringama. likely a local connoisseur.  Stamps: Australian Postal History – souvenir sheet – Sg: AU MS757. Remark: Likely a rare or unique cover as a first day of issue cover for this souvenir sheet!!!

US combo cover

Official PO – multistamped w/ SA stamp

This months prospect is a multistamped volunteer FDC. Few  multistamped volunteer – lend a hand First Day of Issue covers exist, with the Salvation Army stamp attached. This is a special rare combo with different Volunteer organization stamps. Issued 20 April 1983 (FDC for the volunteer stamp). An SA officer can be seen on the picture at the left.