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2011 – Scarborough Citadel w/ Miniature sheet

2011 – Scarborough – Mini sheet – Ref cover

Christmas 2011 – Scarborough Citadel 130th Anniversary w/ miniature sheet, issued 08.11.2011 (First day of issues for the sheet).  Postmark: Crest – Scarborough Citadel Corps 130th Anniversary logo on Scarborough Citadel special sachet (Bradbury design). Note: Extremely rare, stated to be only 10 Miniature Sheets issued with this cachet design. Estimated value: £95 (Brian Reeve) – sold for £160 on an UK stamp auction. NB! Reference cover – not in my collection.

2001 – Peru – SA cover

2001 – Scout / Salvation Army cover

2001 – Scout / Salvation Army Aerogram cover sent to the US. Stamps: Salvation Army & Scout stamps. Date: 16 April 2001 (?). Very rare to see this stamp on ordinary letters. The cover is a postal stationary w/ preprinted stamp, issued to the National Scout Jamboree in Trujillo.

1986 – UK – Goodwill FDC

Goodwill Centenary with the special goodwill logo on the cover. This cover is very seldom seen with full set of Industry year stamps. With only one stamp it is more common. The picture was just discovered on a UK FDC seller’s site. Very high catalogue value with full set: £150 in the BFDC Bradbury 2018 catalogue. NB! Reference cover, not in my collection.

1986 – Goodwill – Reference cover