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1927 – Switzerland – Franchise stamps

From 1911 to 1943 the Swiss Post issued some franchise stamps to support charity organizations like the Salvation Army. The overprinted numbers 146 and 369 were used for the Salvation Army. The 146 overprint was used from 1911 – 1925 and the 369 overprint was used from 1926 to 1934. (Source: Heilsarmee-Briefmarken). The official SA cover also has an extra “Armee du Salut” slogan PM (St. Aubin Colonie Agricole). The agriculture facility  was called “Le Devens” and was administered by the Salvation Army from 1912. 

1921 - 146 overprint (Heilsarmee)
1927 - 369 overprint (SA overprint)

1937 – Cover signed by the General

1937 – Volkenbond conference – Signed!

This Salvation Army cover from the Netherlands Indies is addressed to Major WB Pearce in Bandoeng. It has been signed by  William Booth’s daughter, Evangeline Booth, who was  the General of the Salvation Army from 1934 to 1939, when the cover was dated. It was used during the “far-Eastern Conference of the League of Nations” in Bandoeng in 1937 and carries the SA Child Welfare stamp set. Although the general traveled a lot, it is unlikely that she was in Bandoeng at that time and the cover is most likely signed later.

US – Catskill Mountain House

1966 – Catskill Mountain House

The Catskill Mountain House, which opened in 1824, was a famous hotel near Palenville, New York, and in the Catskill Mountains overlooking the Hudson River Valley. In its prime, from the 1850s to the turn of the century, it was visited by three U.S. presidents (U.S. Grant, Chester A. Arthur, and Theodore Roosevelt) and the power elite of the day. In the 1960s it must have been used as a Summer School Facility. The cachet showcase the facility and has the Salvation Army stamp from 1965 on it (not FDC).

2012 – Netherlands Poster card

2012 – Poster card

125th Anniversary of the SA in the Netherlands was celebrated in 2012. Here is a very pictorial poster card with the anniversary stamps. It is not an FDC, it was cancelled 19 March 2012 – the First day of issue was 27 February 2012. The card has the text: “A man may be down – but he’s never out!” – The poster seems to have been used in a home service fund campaign in 1919.

1985 – Zaire – the Pope’s visit

1985 – Pope visit Kinhasa

Pope Paul John II visited Africa (Ivory Coast, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Zaire, Kenya and Morocco) in August 1985.  The shown cachet is very rare, not seen before, and shows the Pope / Il Papa meeting Presidente Sese-Seko Mobutu on Kinshasa Airport. It has one of the Zaire Salvation Army stamps from the 1980 set added (SG 1008). The cachet was produced by the Italian cachet maker “Tre Stella”.