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These two Netherlands Christmas stamp sheet were issued by the capital city postal group in 1992. They were used for a national Christmas card and stamp campaign, intended as support for the Salvation Army. The franking amount was 50 cents per stamp. I have not seen these on any covers and I’m not aware of whether there was an official first day of issue.

1992 - Netherlands Christmas sheet I
1992 - Netherlands Christmas sheet

1958 – US celebrates Swiss SA stamp

1958 – Us philatelist celebrates the Swiss SA stamp

“Switzerland honors the Salvation Army”. A US Philatelist celebrated the Swiss Salvation Army stamp of 1958 – A memento of the Salvation Army Annual Association. Compliments from Cincinnati Philatelist R. Hoffman. Evidently, US Philatelists (and salvationists?) were aware of the Swiss SA issue in 1958, which explains the country combo with the Swiss and the US SA stamp of 1965.

SA 53 – Greenland 2019 presentation folder

The Salvation Army in Greenland was the beneficiary of the 2019 additional-value stamp. The social cause supported was the SA homeless shelter in Nuuk; “William’s cafe”. The forerunner in 2012 was a soup kitchen which provided hot meals, but soon it grew out of its its and was moved to bigger premises at 47 HJ Rinksvej in Nuuk. The presentation folder of the issue, which also included the souvenir sheet, is written in Danish, English and German.

SA 53 - Presentation folder frontside
SA 53 - Presentation folder - inside info
SA 53 - Presentation folder w/ souvenir sheet

SA 30 – Belgium dieproof

SA 30 – Minister Proof Sheetlet

This month’s prospect is the Belgium dieproof of the Salvation Army centenary stamp issued in November 1989. The sheetlet is the officiel minister dieproof in black with the dry cancel of the Belgian post (not visible on the picture). Such sheetlets were given to the ministers and only printed in a limited edition of 75. Very rare . Catalogue value 37 € (OBP 2019)

1932 Community Welfare Info sheet

1932 – Info sheet – SA community welfare

Community Welfare info sheet showing the first Salvation Army stamps issued in the Netherlands Indies 1932. The stamps were issued on December 01. Each stamp had a surcharge above its face value and the Salvation Army was given these charitable donations. The design showed various native occupations, in a Batik border, and each stamp showed the SA Crest in the bottom corners. Nice & rarely seen object (Ref. SA Historical & Philatelic Journal, 2006: Vol 1, no. 2).

Salvation Army Centenary in Norway

SA 25.6 – “Attack on a fishing village”

The work in Norway was officially opened in January 1888. Eight salvationist from Sweden “opened fire”. Typically for the SA, half of the group were women. The uniformed and music loving soldiers who showed their Christian faith in practice, received a mixed response, also with some unpleasant experiences. However, the work spread rapidly, and in one year there were already 10 corps in Norway.

SA 25 – Centenary stamp

Two centenary stamps were issued in 1988. One depicts an open air meeting and a SA band with singing soldiers in the back. A maxicard with similar motif was also issued by the SA army. The maxicard was a copy of “Attack on a fishing village”, a painting by Wilhelm Peters from 1895 (source: History of SA in Norway).