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SA 17 – Switzerland unlisted FDC

SA 17 – Badenfahrt Ballonpost

Salvation Army Centenary in Switzerland,  1982. Badenfahrt Ballonpost cachet, very illustrative. Must be a connoisseur cachet, since the actual Balloon flight was launched one week after the first day of issue for the stamps.  The cachet has not been seen before, it is unlisted in the Salvation Army FDC catalogue. Limited edition. Two sets were issued (A & B) with 150 in each. This is no. 123 of 150 in the B-serie.

1965 UK – Davaar Island

Davaar Island, situated at the mouth of Campbeltown Loch on the eastern coast of Kintyre in Argyll and Bute, Scotland, is a tidal island accessible via a natural shingle causeway near Campbeltown during low tide. In 1854, a lighthouse was constructed on the northern end of the island. It was automated in 1983. Presently, Davaar Island is only inhabited by caretakers and sheep. During the 1960s, local stamps were issued for Davaar Island, serving the purpose of allowing visitors to have their mail posted there and carried by the boatman to the nearest General Post Office Post Box in Campbeltown on the mainland.  The boatman service ceased operations in the early 1970s. The postage rates for Davaar Island were double those of the UK (Source: Davaar Island stamps).  Thus, post sent from Davaar had both UK and Davaar stamps, see for example these covers with Salvation Army stamps on the frontside and Davaar stamps on the backside.

1965 - Davaar Island Globe w/ SG 665
1965 - Davaar Island Globe bs i
1965 - Davaar Island Globe bs ii
1965 - Green Davaar Island Europa
1965 - Davaar Island Lighthouse w/ SG 665
1965 - Davaar Island Europa bs.
1965 - Black Davaar Island Europe bs.

SA 14 – Zaire – Proof sheet

SA 14 – Zaire 1980 – PROOF sheet

The Zaire 1980 Salvation Army stamps were released to celebrate the Salvation Army Centenary in the USA. Recently, a sheet of proof stamps including the complete set and the minisheet of General and Mrs. Brown was found on eBay. Although imperforated versions of each stamp have been seen before, this particular arrangement is unfamiliar. It is unclear whether these are post office proofs or a different type of print. If anyone has information regarding this, kindly get in touch through my “contact me” site.

1906 – Nice Swedish postcard

Lassie selling the War Cry

This month’s prospect is a Sweden postcard from 1936 picturing a female Salvation Army soldier (“lassie”) selling the War Cry. The original portrait was painted by Jenny Nystrøm in 1906. She was a Swedish artist & illustrator. Her notable contributions include a collection of ornamental and enchanting Christmas cards as well as elf illustrations, which have greatly influenced the creation of barn elfs and traditional Christmas scenes in Sweden.

SA 17 – Switzerland – Maxicard

SA 17 – Kriegsruf Maxicard

Salvation Army centenary in Switzerland 1982. Very unusual maxicard with text: Der Kriegsruf (War Cry) and picture of the founders (Cathrine and William Booth) and the General at the time (Mr. & Mrs Brown). Single SA stamp (SG 1047), size: 105 x 148 mm. Not seen before, likely a very rare maxicard – possibly unique. Not listed in the Salvation Army FDC catalogue.

US combo cover

Official PO – multistamped w/ SA stamp

This months prospect is a multistamped volunteer FDC. Few  multistamped volunteer – lend a hand First Day of Issue covers exist, with the Salvation Army stamp attached. This is a special rare combo with different Volunteer organization stamps. Issued 20 April 1983 (FDC for the volunteer stamp). An SA officer can be seen on the picture at the left.

SA 31.6 – SA FDC Argentina 1990

SA 31.6. – FD sheet

This rare first day sheet from Argentina is this month’s prospect. The Salvation Army stamp commemorated the Salvation Army centenary in Argentina, issued 01.12.1990. Very nice and rare presentation sheet. I was able to get an Argentinian friend to buy this for me at an Argentinian auction (mercadolibre.com). I’ve never seen this sheet on Ebay, although I suspect it must have been listed there, as this FD sheet is listed as no. 31.6 in the SA FDC catalogue.