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Sa 25 – Norway – Postgiro FDC

SA 25 – Postgiro envelop FDC

The Salvation Army Centenary in Norway was commemorated on two stamps in February 1988. This is a business cachet FDC, on an official “PostGiro” envelope. The Postal Service launched postgiro in Norway in 1943, providing a bank service through post offices. Customers were given forms and special “blue” envelopes, like this one, for convenient payment processing. At its peak, the postgiro office employed approximately 1,900 individuals, as long as bank services still relied on manual processes. In 1995, it merged with Norges Postbank to form Postbanken, aligning postgiro and bankgiro systems. On December 1, 1999, Postbanken was acquired by Den Norske Bank (Source: Store Norske Leksikon).


SA 25 – Norway – Mostue FD card

Salvation Army centenary in Norway 18 February 1988. This Mostue FD card is unregistered in the SA FDC catalogue. Issued in a limited quantity – 200pcs. Emil Mostue was the printing house for this stamp set. The set was printed on phosphorized paper in sheet of 50 and a total of 20 mill stamps were issued.  The FD card is very seldom seen,  not observed on Ebay before. Sold on Norwegian auctions for very high prices (>£80).

SA 25 – Mostue – Unlisted FDC

SA 25.5 – Norway – Registered covers

Salvation Army centenary in Norway 1988, commemorated on Norsk FDC Service cachet. These are registered covers with local PM (Kristiansand). Very unusual. Seems to be issued in a limited edition. I have not seen these before, but due to the number on the cover, they seem to have been issued in at least 3000 ex.

SA 25.5 - Norsk FDC - Local PM!!!
SA 25.5 - Norsk FDC - Local PM!!!

SA 25 – Norway – “Stamp news”

SA 25 – “Stamp news” w/ FD PM

“Stamp news” (Frimerkenytt) was issued by the postal authorities. This issue is no 7 – 1987, and tell about the forthcoming issue of the stamps commemorating the Salvation Army centenary in Norway. The stamps and first day cancel have likely been added on a private initiative. This FD sheet is unlisted in the SA FDC catalogue and is likely unique, as also indicated by the local and unofficial PM (Skudesneshavn). Local PMs are generally much less common than the official PO postmark. Two nature stamps have also been added; they had first day of issue on the same date (18 Febr 1988).