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SA 3.3 – RARE Swiss FDC

Finally! I’ve been looking for this rare Swiss Salvation Army FDC for a long time and it just turned up on Ebay. The SA stamp celebrated SA’s 75th anniversary in Switzerland in 1958. French postmark (catalogue value CHF 70). Globe cachet, extremely rare to see on Ebay or other online auction sites (I’ve actually not seen it before). Estimated value at least £40++

SA 3.3 – Globe – French PM

SA 3 – Switzerland FDCs w/ singles

The Salvation Army celebrated its 75th anniversary in Switzerland 1958 with the characteristic bonnet pictured on the anniversary stamp. The Swiss FDCs of this anniversary serie was mostly issued with set of four different stamps. Here are a collection of cachets with single SA stamp. I just obtained the SA 3.2 with single stamp and have  not seen it  before.

SA 3.1 - Official PO - single
SA 3.2b - Anniversaries - Single - French PM
SA 3.9 - National HQ - single
SA 3.11 - Bonnet - French PM

SA FDCs Switzerland 1958 – Italian PM

The stamp commemorating the SA’s 75th anniversary in Switzerland was issued  05.03.1958 with three other anniversary issues.

SA 3 – Schweizerwaren – Italian PM!!

In general the percentage of issued FDCs before the year 1960 was: 10% Italian (Berna), 20% French (Berne) and 70% German (Bern).  Cat value for pictorial cachets with Italian PM is CHF 120. This  specific cachet  (Schweizerwaren) with Italian PM is very RARE!! Estimated value for this item is CHF 150+ for rare cachet.