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SA 4.41 – US FDC scout cover

SA 4.41 – Girl Guards emblem

An extremely rare US FDC turned just up on Ebay. It was a girl scout cover where the Girl Scouts congratulate the Girl Guards & Sunbems on the 100th Anniversary of the Salvation Army. The Girl Guards emblem is pictured. I have not seen this around before, but it is pictured in the SA FDC catalogue as no SA 4.41.

New US combo FDC

SA 4.3 – combo

A new US combo FDC was recently discovered on an auction. Combo FDCs are quite rare, and I haven’t seen this one before. The catalogue number on the cachet is SA 4.3 – an Artcraft cachet that pictures William Booth and the centennial medal. The combo issue has a “religious freedom” stamp attached as well as a 500th Anniversary of the printing of the Holy Bible stamp.

US – Ranto cachet – SA 4.56

SA 4.56a – PO bulletin FDC

Stamp Posters w/First Day Cancels (SPFDC) are the forerunners of the USPO Souvenir Pages which have been issued since 1972. The USPO began distributing Stamp Posters to post offices in 1959. These 8 x 10-1/2 inch posters soon caught the eye of stamp collectors. Soon, some collectors had the idea of affixing a copy of the stamp(s) depicted to the poster and having the stamp(s) first day cancelled. Exactly, when collectors began this activity is uncertain, but by 1963, a stamp dealer started a service where he would apply the stamp(s) to copies of the posters for mailing to subscribers (Ranto). Usually, his work can be identified because he folded the posters twice for cancelation and mailing to his customers. All SPFDC are scarce, and many are rare, especially if they are flat (unfolded). In fact, SPFDC are unknown for quite a few issues. The shown poster bulletin here is unfolded and rare!

Scarce Salvation Army US FDCs

Some Salvation Army United States FDCs were issued in very limited edition, for example handpainted cachets. R. Dyer’s handpainted FDC (SA 4.65) picturing a female salvationist is seldom seen on auctions and is a much sought after cover design. Similarly, the D.E. Crist cahcet (SA 4.48 – also named as W.K. Smith in the SA catalogue) seems to be a rare cachet. It was seen sold on Ebay in 2016 for > $100.  DE Crist was an active cachet maker during the 1960s era. I’ve seen these covers just twice on Ebay the last couple of years. I also list a couple of other US cachet that are rarely seen; the Pennant cachet with the Salvationist couple / Red Shield (SA 4.34), and the Clarence Reid cachet, which was issued in a limited edition of only 25 copies according to the respected US FDC dealer James McCusker.

SA 4.65 - Female salvationist
SA 4.48 - SA Poster
SA 4.34 - Salvationists/shield
SA 4.38 - Commemorating the SA